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CD World of Scottish Dance


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A second compilation of tracks from recordings of the dances in some of the early books published by the RSCDS. This CD features the musical talents of bands led by Neil Barron, Bobby Crowe, Colin Finlayson and Jim MacLeod.

The Eightsome Reel R, 2, 4 cpl square ,464
Hamilton House J, 7, 4 cpl longwise ,32
Madge Wildfire`s Strathspey S, 9, 4 cpl longwise ,32
General Stuart`s Reel R, 10, 4 cpl longwise ,32
Red House R, 7, 4 cpl longwise ,40
Peggy`s Love S, 8, 4 cpl longwise ,32
Miss Mary Douglas J, 10, 4 cpl longwise ,48
Cadgers in the Canongate R, 9, 4 cpl longwise ,48
There`s Nae Luck aboot the Hoose S, 10, 4 cpl longwise ,32
The Montgomeries` Rant R, 10, 4 cpl longwise ,32



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