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Book 45


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First published in 2005, the Book 45 contains detailed instructions for 10 dances with full piano scores for the original tunes. The music was arranged by Maureen Rutherford and George Meikle.

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The Westminster Reel (R, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
Double Eighty (S, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
Alan J Smith (J, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
The Saltire Strathspey (S, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
Sands of Morar (S, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
Preston Mill (R, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
Napier`s Index (J, 4 cpl longwise, 40)
The Dream Catcher (S, 4 cpl square, 96)
The Fairbridge Reel (R, 3 cpl longwise, 48)

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