Spring Fling


Spring Fling is now THE Scottish Country Dance weekend for young people, aged between 12 and 35.  Spring Fling draws many young people from around the world to improve their dancing skills and enjoy the company and camaraderie of other young people.

To accompany Spring Fling, a Fringe event (aimed at those above the targeted age range) has emerged and is now an important event in the RSCDS calendar.

However, having been hosted annually in a variety of venues throughout the UK and Europe, 2021 was a little different - with a virtual Spring Fling event being hosted by the Aberdeen organising committee and 2022 saw smaller Spring Flings held around the world, until we could all meet up in person again.


Spring Fling 2024

Spring Fling 2024 will be held in Cambridge, UK from 12th - 14th April - you can find all the information and book your place using the link below

Cambridge 2024


Previous Spring Flings

Spring Fling was held in Lyon in 2014, London in 2015, Edinburgh in 2016, Bonn in 2017, Glasgow in 2018, Paris in 2019, Edinburgh and Toronto in 2023.

Spring Fling London
Spring Fling Bonn
Spring Fling Glasgow
Spring Fling Edinburgh 2023
Spring Fling Toronto 2023
Frequently asked questions about Spring Fling

Spring Fling typically consists of a series of workshops and dances for young people held over a weekend near the end of April from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

Young teachers and musicians motivate the attendees to help improve their technique and increase their understanding of dancing, all while having fun! Over the weekend there is a dance on the Friday night, a ball on the Saturday night and a Ceilidh on the Sunday night with classes held on Saturday and Sunday.  

Spring Fling is open to young dancers between the ages of 12 and 35, and young dancers under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Booking for Spring Fling is through the official Spring Fling website. If you need help attending the event, young people can usually apply for one of the five youth scholarships sponsored by the Youth Services Committee to assist with payment of workshops and accommodation.

Related dance groups offer additional scholarships so we encourage you to ask your local Branch. 

Yes! Scholarships for Spring Fling are usually offered annually and are open to everyone. Applicants should be under 35 and preference will be given to those under 25. 

To help young people attend RSCDS events the Committee offers five scholarships for Spring Fling. The Committee offers three development grants annually to RSCDS Branches for projects to develop the availability of SCD for young people in the community. 

Only residential (accommodation) and course fees are covered by the scholarships; travelling expenses are not covered. 

The Youth Services Committee will be responsible for selecting the recipients from the applications received. 

Head to our scholarships page to learn more about the different kind of youth scholarships we have available.


Spring Fringe is an additional programme to Spring Fling that is aimed at dancers 35+. Spring Fling is for our young dancers, with a weekend of events catered towards dancers under the age of 35.

Spring Fringe occurs over the same weekend and has its own unique programme that is aimed at dancers over the age of 35. Participants in Spring Fringe do not dance in the same classes as those in Spring Fling, but all dancers come together in the evening for the dances on Friday and Saturday night!

Would your Branch like to host Spring Fling?

The Youth Services Committee works with the RSCDS Events Manager and a local committee of young people to organise the event. Venues are sought two years before the actual event.

Consideration is given to a location that has a good transport infrastructure, low cost accommodation and is within walking distance of a number of halls suitable for classes and dances. A budget has been developed to assist the local committee and we look forward to developing a strong partnership with all those involved.  

So if you are interested in hosting an event please get in touch at ysc@rscds.org




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