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With 160 Branches and more than 300 Affiliated Groups located over six continents, the RSCDS is truly a global organisation.

Our dedicated and passionate membership community aims to promote traditional Scottish Country Dance and Music for current and future generations to enjoy, and are always welcoming to new dancers.

Whether you join a local Branch or through the RSCDS Office, you can benefit from a range of discounts and exclusive deals, as well as helping the continuation of the Dance Scottish tradition!


“I was first introduced to Scottish Country Dancing in 2012 with the Affiliated Group of Grenoble (France) after an internship in Edinburgh and I instantly fell in love with it!

Then I met people from Lyon and was able to challenge myself and improve my dancing.

Being a member of Lyon Branch allowed me to attend the Newcastle Festival and achieve the first half of my Teaching Certificate!

I love being part of this big family, be able to dance anywhere in the world and share my passion with so many people."

- Kevin Piquemal (Lyon Branch)

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Are you part of a group of dancers looking for support to grow and develop Scottish Country Dancing in your local community? The RSCDS can offer guidance and help you connect with likeminded individuals around the world.

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Once you become a member of the RSCDS you will receive a 'new member pack' by email that will give you more information about the Society and its aims.

The new member pack is designed to get you started in the world of Scottish Country Dancing, and will make you feel at home within the RSCDS.

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Member recognition and awards

Member recognition

The RSCDS has two distinct means of ‘recognising’ members who have made a contribution to the work of the Society and its Branches.

Read more about Branch Awards, the Scroll of Honour, how to apply and view past recipients.

Details on how to nominate your fellow members

Spring Fling 2023 Edinburgh

Photo Gallery

Want to see some beautiful photos from the RSCDS events? Click below to see just how much fun our members are having!


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There are 159 RSCDS Branches and over 300 Affiliated Groups in more than 50 countries around the world, located on all continents (except Antarctica).

They organise and run classes, dances and other social events in their own areas and are committed to helping develop Scottish Dance and Music for future generations.

We encourage you to try Scottish Country Dancing for yourself to see just how much fun it can be, so please come along and learn how to 'Dance Scottish'. 

Wherever you are in the world there is most likely Scottish Country Dancing.

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