Committee volunteers

What are the Committees for?

The Board is supported in its work by a range of volunteer Committees:

  • Education & Training
  • Membership Services
  • Youth Services
Education & Training

This Committee advises the Board on matters concerning the standards and performance of Society’s dances, examinations and tests, as well as:

  • implementing policies on education and training, including organising Scottish country dancing schools
  • developing and running examinations for future teachers of Scottish country dancing and administering medal tests for children and young people; ensuring health and safety requirements are met

Membership Services

This Committee's remit is to develop and update instructional literature and other relevant material pertinent to the interests of the Society, as well as:

  • conducting and disseminating research in furtherance of the Society's objectives
  • dealing with matters relating to members, Branches and Affiliated groups
Youth Services

The Youth Services Committee was formed in 2011 to listen to ideas from younger dancers and to give them the opportunity to plan and help organise activities for young people in the RSCDS. They have their own Young Dancer Facebook page and their remit is to advise the Board on policies and strategies to engage children and young people with Scottish Country Dancing (SCD) and music worldwide, as well as:

  • researching, developing and evaluating the impact of activities and services for young dancers
  • supporting and promoting continuing professional development training and activities for teaching young people and developing SCD and music within a contemporary arts environment
How do I join?

In order to join a Committee, you must first be a member of the RSCDS (either an HQ member or RSCDS Branch member). Please note that members cannot stand for election if they hold a Management Board appointed role (currently Treasurer, Archivist, Magazine Editor, Child Wellbeing & Protection Officer).

We typically seek nominations from members who have a diverse range of skills and abilities to support the Society and help us to achieve our strategic aims:

Vacancies for 2024

Elections for the Management Board and each Committee are held at our Annual General Meeting during the first weekend of November. 

Committee Position No. of vacancies Terms of office
Education & Training Members 5 1 x Convener-Elect (for 1 year + 3 years as Convenor), 3 x (for 3 years) , 1 x (for 2 years) 
Membership Services Members 6 2 (for 3 years), 2 (for 2 years), 2 (for 1 year)
Youth Services Members 2 2 x (for 3 years)



*Please note that all voluntary roles are unpaid, but expenses will be covered by the RSCDS*




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