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First published in 2013, the Book 47 offers 12 dances to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the RSCDS (1923-2013). It contains detailed instructions for 12 dances with full piano scores for the original tunes. The music was arranged by George Meikle.

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Bill Clement MBE (J, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
Linnea’s Strathspey (S, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
Flight to Melbourne (R, 4 cpl square, 32)
Aging Gracefully (S, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
Vintage Simon (J, 5 cpl longwise, 32)
The One o’Clock Canon (R, 4 cpl longwise, 160)
Memories of Mary Ann (S, 3 cpl longwise, 32)
Welcome to Ayr (J, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
The Kissing Bridge (R, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
It wisnae me (S, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
Glastonbury Tor (R, 4 cpl longwise, 32)
The Mentor (S, 4 cpl square, 96)

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