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Book 53 for 2023


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CD Book 53 Volume 1

CD Book 53 Volume 2

The Membership Services Committee is pleased to share with you the new Book of dances- Book 53 for 2023 is a bumper Centenary book ( 87 pages) that looks to the future as well as to the past –The book contains 12 new dances and 12 older dances favourites by many branches worldwide.

The book is accompanied by two recordings : Volume 1 by David Oswald and his Scottish Dance Band which features the newer dances, and Volume 2 by Nicol McLaren and the Glencraig Scottish Dance Band who brings new recordings of favourite older dances.
Dances featuring in the edition are: 1 The Lochalsh Reel / 2 The Water of Leith /3 The Galloping Carousel/4 Baldovan Reel/5 Bonnie Gallowa’/6 The Luckenbooth Brooch/7 Elspeth Gray’s Reel/8 Something in the Air/9 Chased Lovers/10 Nottingham Lace/11 Ysobel Strathspey/12 Seton’s Ceilidh Band/13 Toast to the Mousies/14 The Orchards of Co. Armagh/15 The Meeting of the Waters/16 Jennifer’s Jig/17 Schiehallion/18 Niles Roberts’ Farewell to Pasadena/19 The Falkirk Lass/20 City of Stirling/21 The Willbergs of Rechberg/22 Pinewoods Reel/23 Inchmickery/ 24 Portincaple Oak
Plus extras on the bands who recorded the two albums and the dance diagrams prepared by Keith Rose

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