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E-Magazine Dances 2005 – 2009


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First published in 2012, this e-version contains all the Scottish Country Dancer magazine dances from 2005 – 2009.

Scottish Country Dancer No. 1
Eileen Watts Reel Reel
Eileen Watts Strathspey Strathspey

Three Dances 2006
The Craven Jig Jig
Jean Martin of Aberdeen Strathspey
The Inimitable Derek Reel

Three Dances by Hugh Foss
Fugal Fergus Jig
John McAlpin Strathspey
Polharrow Burn Reel

Four Dances 2008
Festival Interceltique Reel
The Minister on the Loch Strathspey
Sueno’s Stone Reel
A Trip to Lorient Medley

5 Dances 2009
The Homecoming Dance Reel
The Grassmarket Reel Reel
A Capital Jig Jig
The Valentine Strathspey
Forty-five years on Reel

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