Legal & administrative

A body like the RSCDS operates within a significant framework of statutory and regulatory control – and monitoring/oversight – to ensure that the general public and those involved with it can be assured that it is being properly run.

If you, as a member of the RSCDS, would like to stand for election to the Management Board or one of the Management Committees, or would like to seek appointment to one of the appointed posts, details of the nomination procedures can be found on this page.

Articles of Association

The RSCDS is a Scottish Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee. The Articles are our principal constitutional document. They comply with standards set in company and charity law. Here you will find information about the structure of the RSCDS, the role of general meetings and the responsibilities of the Board.

Rules and procedures

This was prepared with the intention of fleshing out the general legal structure set out in the Articles of Association. It gives guidance in various areas, not least in relation to conduct at General Meetings.

Licence agreement

This is a contract between the RSCDS and individual Branches. Although Branches are largely autonomous, they are required to conduct some of their business in a certain way so that the RSCDS as a whole can function effectively and remain compliant, not least in terms of fulfilling the RSCDS's charitable objects. The Licence obliges the RSCDS to provide certain services in support of Branches, who deliver much of the Society’s charitable work in terms of teaching and promoting Scottish Country Dancing.

For more information on the Licence Agreement please get in touch with the RSCDS Office.

Model Branch constitution

Branches can write their own constitution and submit this to the central office for approval. Most Branches will probably find it convenient to adopt the model Constitution with some variations being incorporated to allow for local circumstances.  

Trustees annual report & accounts

The RSCDS is obliged to make its trustees report and accounts available to the public. The most recent document can be downloaded by clicking the link below.


Strategic plan (2020-2024)

In order to develop Scottish Country Dancing worldwide for the benefit of present and future generations the RSCDS has written a plan that outlines strategic aims and objectives we find crucial to the growth of the RSCDS.

Please see below the aims of the Strategic Plan for 2020-2024:

Aim 1 - To promote Scottish dancing globally as a fun, friendly and healthy activity

  • Encourage and enable the Society at all levels to be more outward-facing
  • Promote the health and well-being aspects of Scottish dance
  • Ensure our activities are open and accessible
  • Implement the marketing strategy
  • Use the Centenary celebrations to promote the fun of SCD


Aim 2 – To help branches promote Scottish dancing in their area

  • Provide information, advice and encouragement to branches, and also affiliated groups and members
  • Facilitate efficient two-way communication between Coates Crescent and branches
  • Promote networking and collaboration among branches
  • Encourage participation by all branches in a worldwide day of dance, and other 2023 Centenary activities


Aim 3 – To provide appropriate support for Scottish dance teachers and musicians

  • More communication with teachers to provide information and development
  • Embed the training for teachers of social dancing
  • Give greater access to music courses
  • Promote the use of live music


Aim 4 – To strengthen RSCDS governance and finance

  • Ensure the RSCDS follows best practice in charity governance, its management structure is fit for purpose and its decision-making processes are effective
  • Greater range of candidates coming forward for the Board and Committees
  • More diversified income streams
Policies & procedures

The RSCDS has in place a number of policies and procedures for different aspects of its administration. Some of these are specific to the RSCDS's central management, but others may form a model that will be of use to Branches.

The policies below have all been approved by the Management Board. Additional policies will be posted here as and when they have been presented to and approved by the Board.

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