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There are many reasons to join the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, but most become members because it is a fun, enjoyable way to keep active and socialise with people from around the world!

Anyone can join the RSCDS. Active dancers and anyone who is interested are encouraged to either: 

  • Join through one of the Society's 160+ Branches worldwide (either a local Branch, International Branch or Youth Branch) so that you are in touch with what is happening in your local area or wider. For more information on Branches you could join, head over to the Branches & Groups page or use the Branch & Group Finder above.

  • Join by direct membership through the RSCDS Headquarters - to apply for Headquarters Membership, download the form here.

For more information on how to become a member of the RSCDS, email us at:

If you want to discover all the benefits of membership and learn more about the Society please download this informative Membership Brochure (and we encourage you to pass this around to your friends and family!)

Interested in starting a Branch or Affiliated Group, but you are not quite sure how to go about it, or what the incentives may be? Download our Branch/Affiliated Group Brochure and learn more about starting a local association in your area.

What is the RSCDS?

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) is a registered Scottish Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee, dedicated to promoting Scottish Country Dance around the world. We have a world-wide network of Branches and Affiliated Groups, with a small administrative team at its central office in Edinburgh. The Branches (also known as Local Associations) are independent, autonomous bodies.

Branches and Affiliated Groups are the “grass roots” organisations that run classes, provide training and host social events at a local level in their own areas. Members of the RSCDS, through the Branches, appoint delegates to represent them at the Society’s General Meetings.

We exist to promote and develop Scottish Country Dancing worldwide for the benefit of present and future generations!

(Want to know how we got the designation "Royal"? Click here then!)

Benefits of Membership

In addition to becoming part of a worldwide dance community, some of the Benefits of Membership include:

  • A 10% discount on most recording, publications and other items available through our shop
  • A twice-yearly members' magazine packed with information and interesting articles, delivered to your door
  • A bi-monthly Newsletter sent directly to your email inbox
  • Access to the members area of the RSCDS website
  • Reduced entrance fees to classes and, in some cases, dances or other events
  • Tapping in to a worldwide family of Scottish Country Dancers
  • Opportunities to advance dancing skills
  • Helping to preserve an important part of Scottish culture
And of course many more reasons! For a full list of Membership Benefits, click here.

As agreed at the 2018 AGM, the basic full annual subscription for the membership year July to June will remain at £20. The following membership subscription categories will be pro-rata based on the above for the dancing year 2019-20.

Become a Member

The RSCDS offers tiered Membership rates (please see above) through Branches worldwide and Headquarters. To become a member of a specific Branch, perhaps in your local area, please use our Branch & Group Finder found in the main menu above and speak to the Branch representative about Membership.

Alternatively, you can join the RSCDS through Headquarter (HQ) Membership. You will still receive all the benefits of Branch Membership, but instead you will be a HQ Member and not privy to such local Branch events. 

Have any questions about Membership? Email us at for more information.

To apply for Headquarter Membership, download the form here.

All personal information sent to the RSCDS is confidential and we do not hold payment details on file.

Dancing Keeps you Healthy!

The RSCDS emphasises the three elements of fitness, fun and friendship that Scottish Country Dancing provides, and is uniquely placed to deliver these benefits through its worldwide network of Branches and Affiliated Groups. 

The RSCDS Health Strategy supports the government’s target of 50% of adults undertaking 30 minutes of intensive activity most days of the week and links with the “Get Scotland Dancing” campaign launched in October 2010 by the Minister of Culture, Fiona Hyslop. Further research carried out by Strathclyde University in Glasgow, led by Dr Paul Dougall, confirms the evidence that Scottish Country Dancing is an effective recreational exercise for particular types of fitness, with extensive measurable benefits for older people.

For more information on the RSCDS Health Strategy, click here.

Dedicated Committees

Within the RSCDS there are three main Committees: Membership Services, Education & Training and Youth Services, each dedicated to ensuring that members are well informed on all aspects of Scottish Country Dancing.

Feel like learning more about this wonderful form of dance? We have you covered!

Want to meet new people? Perhaps attend an event in a beautiful Castle, or historic St. Andrews? Absolutely no problem!

Navigate through our site to learn more about our Committees and how each will provide you with the knowledge you need to get dancing and the tools you will need to excel, while having loads of fun and making life-long friends along the way. 

Fantastic Events

Over the course of the year the RSCDS holds three main events: 

  • Winter School (held the last week of February in Pitlochry, Scotland)

  • Spring Fling (held the third and fourth weekend of April, with locations changing between Scotland, England and Europe)

  • Summer School (held late July to early August in St. Andrews, Scotland)

Each RSCDS event is carefully organized so that it is a mixture of social dancing and learning. There is always a fun time to be had at every event, but the RSCDS also emphasises the discipline in Scottish Country Dance. Do not be discouraged though, all events are always well attended by Members from around the world and you are sure to make life-long friends, have a great time, and learn the finer points of some beautiful dances (not to mention certain perks are involved; for example, at Winter School you get to dance in Blair Castle!)

For more information on any of the above information, please send an email to

As well, connect with us via Social Media; give us a "like" on Facebook and follow us Twitter! We would love to hear from you!


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