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The Atlanta Branch was formed in 1976 by a group of people interested in promoting Scottish country dancing in the southeastern U.S. We currently have two active classes that meet year-round and two beginner classes that meet off and on throughout the year. Our advanced social class meets on the first Sunday of each month and dancers are encouraged to try out new and/or challenging dances.

We host a monthly social dance for all the Atlanta area classes unless there is a major event scheduled for that month. The venue for the socials changes each month to attract dancers from around the metropolitan Atlanta area.

There are two dances held in conjunction with the Stone Mountain Highland Games on the third weekend of October. A Friday night Welcome Dance and a Saturday night Tartan Ball; both dances are held at the Games host hotel. Dancing on the platform all day Saturday and Sunday during the Games weekend is always a highlight enjoyed by both dancers and spectators who join in the fun.

Our annual Spring Workshop is held at Unicoi Lodge in Helen, Georgia, located in the mountains of north Georgia. There is a Welcome Dance on Friday evening and workshop sessions on Saturday with a Spring Ball on Saturday evening and a cool-down session on Sunday morning. Both dances and the workshop sessions feature excellent musicians and the workshop teachers broaden our dancing abilities with their unique teaching style.

All the information on our classes and events can be found on our website at Please drop by and visit the site; we look forward to hearing from you whenever you are in our area.

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