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The Kilmarnock & District Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society was formed over 80 years ago in 1936 and our aim is to promote Scottish Country Dancing and music within the Kilmarnock & District area. As a member of the Branch you become a member of The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society of Scotland, and would be welcomed at any other RSCDS branch in Scotland, the UK or the rest of the world.
Scottish Country Dancing is an excellent way to keep fit, make friends and, more importantly, have fun. We are a friendly group, who are dedicated to promoting Scottish Country Dancing in the area and the branch runs a weekly dance class from October to April and also various dance functions throughout the year. We also run a very successful Annual Children’s Day of Dance involving many of the local Primary Schools from the area.
Many people tried Scottish Country Dancing at school, but even if you haven’t or haven’t danced for a while, you should come along and join us. You don’t need to have a partner and you will find that everyone will be very friendly and welcoming. It is also a marvellous way of keeping both your body fit and you mind active. There is no specific dress code, although soft shoes are preferable, trainers are suitable to get you started.

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