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In Richmond, North Yorkshire, we have a very active, albeit fairly small Branch. We hold a variety of classes to suit different needs. Every season, from September to April, we hold weekly mixed ability classes taken by one of our two teachers. Special classes are held in the Summer for the White Rose Festival in Leeds, which is a major event in the dancing calendar. We also hold one-off classes for dancers who enjoy more challenging dances and classes to familiarise ourselves with the dances in the new books when they are published. Our social events in a season include two dances with bands, supported by other Scottish Country groups in the area and eight monthly socials in Richmond Town Hall dancing to recorded music.. We have our own website which gives plenty of information about the Branch and its activities and includes a video of our “signature” dance The Lass of Richmond Hill devised by our President, Fiona Turnbull.

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54.33, -2.012

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