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Scottish Country Dancing was introduced to Vancouver by Isabella Bingham in 1928, and led to the formation of the Scottish Country Dance Society of B.C. shortly afterwards. Close ties were maintained with Edinburgh, and with Miss Milligan’s encouragement and support, the RSCDS Vancouver Branch was formed in 1964.
Two popular annual events go back to before the incorporation of the Branch. Dancing in the Park started in July, 1950, when the first dance was accompanied by a pianist! And in 1959, the first Betwixt and Betwe’en Dance was held.
The RSCDS Vancouver Branch represents Scottish Country Dancing in Greater Vancouver, offering two nights of classes a week; an annual one day workshop and dance; the annual Heather Ball; the afore mentioned Dancing in the Park and Betwixt and Betwe’en and the Lady Aberdeen Tea Dance. Teachers training classes are offered every two years, depending on demand.

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