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Where Can I Find a Ceilidh Near Me?

What is Ceilidh dancing and why is it on a Scottish Country Dance website?


"Today, the term Ceilidh dance refers to an informal way of dancing socially in Scotland."

Ceilidh dancing offers an excellent way of becoming familiar with the common social Scottish dances and dancing to Scotland's amazing music, so why not have a go and Dance Scottish!

Ceilidh Partners

"Ceilidh and Scottish Country dancing are sometimes considered to be completely separate; one being informal and the other formal.

However, in reality they have much in common and many Scottish dance groups occupy neither of these positions, with old time dancing and relaxed Scottish Country Dancing existing side by side.

They are also bound together by the music, common roots and some shared dances".

- Convenor of Membership Services

Where to Ceilidh dance?

Ceilidhs are enjoyed by everyone and are featured in many different social settings. You are never far from a Ceilidh, especially in Scotland! 

Ceilidh in a box

Would you like to host a Ceilidh? Need some help doing it? Download our 'Ceilidh in a box', which has everything you need to get started.

Popular Ceilidh dances

A number of Ceilidh dances have been part of the Scottish dancing scene for many years and are an intrinsic part of Scotland’s culture. 

Take your dancing to the next level

Have you attended a Ceilidh and thought it was great fun and you wanted to learn more? Or perhaps you want to hone your skills so the next time you can impress that certain someone? The RSCDS has you covered!

Head to our steps & techniques page where we cover the most basic holds, formations and steps you will come across in Ceilidh and Country Dancing.

Steps & Techniques




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