Online classes

Online classes

Click on the links below to view RSCDS Teachers provide online guidance through a mixture of basic movements, warm ups, technique, steps and dances, giving variety across the classes.

Recorded on Zoom, the classes last approximately half an hour.

Content - steps, formations
8th April 2020                            Angela Young Coupe pas de basque; Highland Scottische General introduction
15th April 2020 Mervyn Short Warm ups -
22nd April 2020 Dave Hall Strathspey setting; petronella The Lea Rig –
RSCDS Book 21
29th April 2020 Diana Hastie Step dance Blue Bonnets from St Andrews Step Dance Book
6th May 2020 William Williamson Medley Cauld Kail in Aberdeen – RSCDS Book 9
13th May 2020 Ron Wallace Solo dance with steps Merry Meghan – not published
20th May 2020 Graham Donald Setting Bonnie Geordie’s Wig – RSCDS MMM
27th May 2020 Atsuko Clement Strathspey and reel setting steps The Threesome Reel –
RSCDS Book 6
3rd June 2020 Fiona Mackie Setting; poussette; arms Petronella –
RSCDS Book 1
10th June 2020 David Queen Step transitions Jig to the Music –
RSCDS Graded Book 2
17th June 2020 Debbie Roxburgh Poussette Roxburgh Castle –
RSCDS Book 6
24th June 2020 Rebecca Blackhall Peters Reels of 3 Red House –
RSCDS Book 7
1st July 2020 Sue Porter Strathspey steps and corners Invercauld’s Reel –
RSCDS Book 11
8th July 2020 Trish Nicholls Step transitions Espie McNabb –
15th July 2020 Samuele Graziani Strathspey – Highland Scottische poussette The Trysting Place –
RSCDS Book 35
22nd July 2020 Robert McOwen Strathspey Hame came our Gudeman – RSCDS Book 30
5th August 2020 Andrew Timmins Quick time changes of feet – coming out of poussette Glasgow Regatta –
12th August 2020 Alice Stainer Strathspey inc allemande Delvine Side –
RSCDS Book 2
19th August 2020 Andrew Nolan Set and rotate and handing A Capital Jig –
RSCDS Magazine Dances
26th August 2020 Fred DeMarse Jig time steps – link between first and second time through The Scallywag –
RSCDS Book 52
2nd September 2020 Margie Stevenson Jig time Kiss Under The Stairs – RSCDS MMM
9th September 2020 Yoshiki Oyama Corners pass and turn; the knot Triple Happiness –
RSCDS Book 52
16th September 2020 Jamie Berg Warm up and cool down focusing on balance Dance for one dancer and two chairs
23rd September 2020 John and Ruby Wilkinson Eva three step to warm up and waltz step Waltz Country Dance – RSCDS Book 4
30th September 2020 Ellie Briscoe How the music influences the dance The Braes of Breadalbane – RSCDS Book 21
7th October 2020 Gabor Turi Ladies’ chain and poussette with different phrasing Teviot Bridge –
RSCDS Book 5
14th October 2020 Deb Lees Quick Time – highland steps Strathspey and Reel dance to use steps
21st October 2020 Fiona Miller Strathspey steps – long and short The Valentine –
RSCDS Magazine Dances
28th October 2020 Katharine Hoskyn Quick time formations Formations linked to create a dance
4th November 2020 Joana Stausberg Flow of the dance The Cocket Hat –
RSCDS Book 44
11th November 2020 William Williamson Armistice Day Blue Bonnets –
RSCDS Book 3 and The Happy Meeting –
RSCDS Book 29
18th November 2020 Emma Allsop Linking steps and transitions Scottish Reform - RSCDS Book 3
25th November 2020 Geoffrey Selling Ceilidh, reel and strathspey dance walkthroughs

Kelvingrove Two Step - Collins Book

Johnny Groat's House - RSCDS Book 18

Lady Susan Montgomery - Leaflet Dances 1964-1998

2nd December 2020 Helen Russell Strathspey step movement, skills for the dance Glasgow Lasses - RSCDS Book 34
9th December 2020 Marjorie McLaughlin Corners pass and turn, dance walkthroughs

The Bob of Fettercairn - RSCDS Book 6

Chased Lovers - World Wide Weavings

16th December 2020 David Queen Warm up, rondel, ceilidh, dance walkthroughs

Hooper's Jig

Silver Tassie

Flowers of Edinburgh - RSCDS Book 1

Virginia Reel

6th January 2021 Grace Hill with Jeremy & Zoe Warm up exercises, dance walkthroughs

The Kingston Jig

Wha'll be King but Charlie - Dances to Song Tunes

13th January 2021 Barbara Johnston Warm up, resistance exercises, strathspey, dance walkthrough

Braveheart (adaptation of ceilidh dance)

Midsummer Common - Book 49

20th January 2021 Zsofi Jozsef Warm up, strathspey transitions, dance walkthroughs

The Gay Gordons

Byron Strathspey

De'il Amang the Tailors

27th January 2021 Alasdair Gray Formations, strathspey travelling movement, high cuts (Highland steps) and plié  
3rd February 2021 Kate Gentles Warm up, ceilidh, pas de pasque with change of foot, slip step into skip change, dance walkthroughs

Elephant Walk

La Flora

10th February 2021 Moira Korus Warm up, ceilidh, pas de pasque with movement, dance walkthrough, cool down and stretch

And for the Young Ones - Book 51

The Ullapool Ferry - RSCDS Book 52

17th February 2021 Louise Msika Ceilidh, step practise, Schiehallion Reels, dance walkthrough

Festival Interceltique - Four Dances for 228

Bon Viveur - RSCDS Book 52

24th February 2021 Zsolt Molnar Warm up, dance walkthroughs, Scottish country dance diagram explanations, cool down and stretch

The Loch Ness Monster, Jig to the Music, Granville Market - RSCDS Graded Book 2

Catch the Wind - RSCDS Book 45

3rd March 2021 Ramona Rank Warm up, strathspey steps, setting steps, set and link for 3, dance walkthroughs, cool down

Wednesday Welcome

Gang the Same Gate - RSCDS Book 36

10th March 2021 Andrew Smith Focus on use of piano music in SCD, low impact walking steps for less able dancers, pas de basque, strathspey, dance walkthroughs

The Old Man of Storr

Whiteadder Jig

17th March 2021 Alan Twhigg Warm up to La Bastringue, dance walkthrough, cool down

La Bastringue

Miss Eleanor - RSCDS Book 49

24th March 2021 Carol-Ann Knox Warm up, pas de basque for beginners, dance walkthroughs, cool down

Bramble Circle

Mountain Stream

The Sandal - RSCDS Book 19

31st March 2021 Katherine Uren Warm up, pas de basque setting steps, dance walkthroughs

The Reverend John MacFarlane - RSCDS Book 37

The Conical Chronicles

7th April 2021

Mervyn Short

Dave Hall

Posture and alignment, warm up, joint mobilisation, pas de basque, hello goodbye setting, dance walkthrough College Hornpipe - RSCDS Book 20
14th April 2021 Valeria Corradin Warm up, Highland setting steps for Eightsome Reel  
21st April 2021 Olga Ivanova Ballet warm up (with guest teacher), strathspey, dance walkthrough Inspiration
28th April 2021 Jim Stott Hornpipe warm up, strathspey travelling steps, dance walkthroughs

Anne McArthur

Good Hearted Glasgow - Collins Little Books, Scottish Dance

High Country Mixer

5th May 2021 Lorna Valentine Warm up, pas de basque, rights and lefts for 3 couples, the spoke, dance walkthroughs

Johnnie's Welcome Hame - Book 32

Neil M Grant - Book 49

12th May 2021 Xiaowen Yu Warm up, dance walkthrough, waltz

Nice to See You - Book 40

Spring Forward, Fall Back

19th May 2021 Fiona Grant

March warm up, pas de basque, set and turn corners in reel time

Eva Three Step - Ceilidh dance in Collins Little Book of SCD

Mrs McLeod - Book 6

Monymusk - Book 11

26th May 2021 Jeanne Moody Warm up, skip change of step practise, figure of eight, the celtic reel, dance walkthroughs, cool down

Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel - Book of Graded Scottish Country Dances

The First Rain of Spring - RSCDS Book 49

2nd June 2021 Heather Cowan Warm up, dance walkthroughs

Dan: The Dancing Rhino

The Queen City Salute - RSCDS Book 37

9th June 2021 Heather Hodgson

Warm up, phrasing dances, set and link, dance walkthroughs, cool down

7th Wonder - Pretoria 40th Anniversary Book

12 Coates Crescent - RSCDS Book 40

16th June 2021 John Carswell Ceilidh dance walkthroughs

Jacky Tar Two Step

The Gypsy Tap

Come Under My Plaidie

Orcadian Strip The Willow

The Social Swing

23rd June 2021 Jane Rose March warm up, movements, step practise, formations, dance walkthroughs, cool down

Bonnyton Woodie - The Imperial Book Vols 1-3

A Strathspey for Mervyn - The Imperial Book Vols 4, 5 & More

30th June 2021 Linda Harley Warm up, dance walkthroughs, skip change of step, rights and lefts, cool down

Prince of Orange - RSCDS Book 6

Domino Five

Clydeside Lassies - Miss Milligan's Miscellany of Scottish Country Dances

7th July 2021 David Queen & William Williamson Warm up, strathspey sets, petronella turns, pas de basque, dance walkthroughs

Miss Catherine Ann

The Montgomeries' Rant - RSCDS Book 10

14th July 2021 Angela Young  

Highland Fair - Book of Graded Scottish Country Dances

Anna Holden's Strathspey - RSCDS Book 42

Tri-Mariner - RSCDS Book 48

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