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With 100% of fees going directly into the RSCDS, an RSCDS Headquarters membership helps us to continue our mission: to raise the profile of Scottish Country Dance and music on a global scale. It ensures development of world-class resources, provision of events, and the delivery of educational and teacher training programmes.

What’s included?

As an RSCDS HQ member, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Our bi-annual Scottish Country Dancer magazine, delivered to your door or inbox
  • Regular eNewsletters with news, competitions and offers
  • 10% discount on RSCDS branded items in our online store
  • Discount on selected Society events organised by the RSCDS
  • Member login to the RSCDS website and access to exclusive resources
  • Access to our various education and teacher training programmes
  • Exclusive deals and discounts at any Branch-run event 

Support Scottish Country Dancing worldwide and join a diverse network of dancers.

The basic full annual subscription for the membership year July – June will remain the same. The following membership subscription categories are pro-rata for the dancing year 2024-25

Category Subscription rate
Adult single (25+) £42.00
Adult single (25+) half year membership

£21.00 (January – June, for new members only)

Adult joint (both 25+)

£67.00 (80% of two full adult rates, for two people, members of the same Branch, residing at the same address)

Adult joint (both 25+) half year membership

£34.00 (January – June, for new members only; for two people, members of the same Branch, residing at the same address)

Young adult (18 - 24)

£34.00 (80% of full adult rate)

Young adult (18 - 24) half year membership

£17.00 (January – June, for new members only)

Youth (12 - 17) £21.00 (50% of full adult rate)

Youth (12-17) half year membership

£10.50 (January – June, for new members only)


In their own words
Keith Stewart, RSCDS Headquarters member

"There is so much to the RSCDS that it’s almost impossible to catalogue it all. Heritage, is keeping alive a tradition going back centuries. Friendship, is meeting and having a social life locally and around the world. Giving back is travelling and visiting, teaching and sharing, entertaining and advertising one of the most rewarding pastimes ever. Relationships is gaining friends all over, plus your future spouse of 40 Years. Fitness, is joining a “sport” which was once rated as second only to Badminton in energy expenditure.

I began as a member of Southampton, became a life member of Headquarters when at St. Andrews and lodged it at various Branches in England, then Toronto and Hamilton, Canada."

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There are 159 RSCDS Branches and over 300 Affiliated Groups in more than 50 countries around the world, located on all continents (except Antarctica).

They organise and run classes, dances and other social events in their own areas and are committed to helping develop Scottish Dance and Music for future generations.

We encourage you to try Scottish Country Dancing for yourself to see just how much fun it can be, so please come along and learn how to 'Dance Scottish'. 

Wherever you are in the world there is most likely Scottish Country Dancing.

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