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Branches (also known as Local Associations of members) are the bedrock of the RSCDS. They organise and run classes, dances and other social events in their own areas. There are 160 Branches in countries around the world.

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Branches have their own Constitution and a Licence Agreement with the Society. Check our governance page below.


Any group of dancers may apply to form a Branch by completing the appropriate form, which can be found below. The form includes detailed information about the requirements to form a Branch.



RSCDS Membership subscription rates 2024-2025 From July 2024
Membership type
Branch member   
HQ member rate
Adult single (25+) £28.00 £42.00

Adult joint (two members 25+ of the same Branch, residing at the same address)

£45.00 £67.00 (rounded 80% of two full adult rates)
Youth (12-17) £14.00 £21.00
Young adult (18-24) £22.00 £34.00

Half year membership for new members only between January – June 2025 would be 50% of the relevant membership type.

Forres Branch
Isle of Skye Branch
Queensland Branch
Tokai Branch
Orange County Branch

(top left: Forres Branch, Isle of Skye Branch, Queensland Branch. Second row, from left: Tokai Branch, Orange County Branch)

Become Affiliated with the RSCDS

We invite clubs, societies, companies or any other group interested in the objectives of the RSCDS to join us as Affiliated Groups. For groups of dancers who affiliate, it ensures the group's listing on the RSCDS website, and also means that the group receives a copy of each edition of the bi-annual magazine, Scottish Country Dancer. It keeps dancers in touch with developments in Scottish country dance and stimulates interest in the worldwide work of the Society. There are currently around 300 Affiliated Groups around the world; see the Branch & Group Finder.

2024-25 Fee       
Type of group
Free University groups
£31 Youth groups, where at least 50% of members are aged under 25
£62 All other groups

The affiliation system strengthens the Society and thereby ensures the retention of Scottish country dancing to everyone’s benefit – join us and be part of that!


Affiliated Group benefits
  • Listing on the RSCDS website in the Branch and Group finder.  You can use the website to promote your activities, events and provide a contact page directly to the groups mailboxThe website has an average 2070 views daily and it is a great marketing tool to increase the visibility for your group
  • Increased visibility online and on social media. We can promote your activities through our growing and active digital presence and reach a wider audience
  • Access to marketing materials and our image libraries
  • Access to some scholarship and funding opportunities
  • Access to members only content on the website
  • Receive a copy of the Society’s twice yearly members' magazine, Scottish Country Dancer. This includes Scottish country dance news, articles and upcoming events from around the world
  • Submit articles to the editor of the Scottish Country Dancer magazine
  • Receive tailored communications that highlight important issues and opportunities to your Group. This could includes important dates, new recordings and publications, and information on key events
  • Provide feedback in surveys which are conducted in line with the Society’s aims, activities and development
  • Use of the RSCDS Affiliated Group logo. The logo provides recognition for the Affiliated Group and strengthens its link with the RSCDS
  • Provides a gateway to eventually forming your own RSCDS Branch


Le Club ecossais de la Mure d’Isere
The Meaudre Reel

(from left: Le Club ecossais de la Mure d’Isere, The Meaudre Reel)

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Join an RSCDS Branch & receive member benefits

There are 159 RSCDS Branches and over 300 Affiliated Groups in more than 50 countries around the world, located on all continents (except Antarctica).

They organise and run classes, dances and other social events in their own areas and are committed to helping develop Scottish Dance and Music for future generations.

We encourage you to try Scottish Country Dancing for yourself to see just how much fun it can be, so please come along and learn how to 'Dance Scottish'. 

Wherever you are in the world there is most likely Scottish Country Dancing.

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