Approaching the media

Local media

Newspapers, websites and radio are great ways to tell people about Scottish country dancing. The pandemic has forced many people to rethink their lives and priorities and some will be looking for new activities to take part in. This is an opportunity to reach out to those people and to raise the profile of Scottish country dancing. 

Here are a few ways you can get publicity for your Branch or Group and also appeal to potential newcomers:

  • What’s On columns. The simplest way is to send details of your group to your local newspaper’s What’s On column. Check the paper or their website for details of how to submit a listing. Keep it brief and simple, but ensure you cover the basics of the name of your organisation, where you meet, what day and time you meet, any contact details and how new people can join or try it out

  • Send a press release to your local newspaper, news website or radio station. This should be short, lively and with all the relevant information included. We have included a sample press release (see link below) which you can use and adapt to your own needs. Again, do your research and send it to the right email or postal address. You can include a short, separate cover letter or email along with your press release. If you have a suitable picture, then do include that. If you would like any advice or assistance with this, contact the RSCDS Marketing Officer Lyndsay on

  • If you know a local journalist, approach them and ask them the best way to get some coverage with their organisation, perhaps they could visit a class and take part, writing about their experience

  • Are there any bloggers/influencers in your region? An internet search or social media search might identify bloggers who could help you promote Scottish country dancing


Press release

We have produced a suggested press release which you can use or adapt to your needs. Send a covering email or letter and include the press release as an attachment. Don’t forget to include contact information, in case the media outlet wants to ask for further information. Also attach a good-quality picture as well if you have one. RSCDS images available for Branch and Group use can be found here.

A covering email/letter should be very brief – say that Scottish country dancing is all about fun, fitness and friendship and that your Branch or Group are keen to recruit new members.  Stress the opportunity for people to try something new that’s good for their mental and physical health. If you are highlighting a forthcoming event, include that in the covering letter.

Branches and Groups know their own areas and communities better than anyone, so include any local knowledge or personalities that will help to spread the message.  



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