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Social media is a great way of letting people know what your Branch or Group is doing. If your Branch has its own social media accounts, you can also use these to encourage new people to try Scottish country dancing. 

In your social media posts, focus on the fun, fitness and friendship aspects of dancing. Ensure potential new members feel they will be made welcome, and stress the physical and mental health benefits of dancing. You could also allay any fears they might have about whether they need to know the dances, to own dancing shoes or if they have to bring a partner.  

Warm, friendly language on your social media posts will help potential newcomers to feel at ease and make them more likely to try out a beginner’s class or turn up for your regular class or event. 

Helpful guides to creating Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts can be found in these links. 

Please do share the RSCDS posts in the Ready. Set. Dance! campaign and don't forget to use the hashtag #DanceScottish. When using hashtags, please try to adhere to the guidance issued by RNIB – ‘Make sure you capitalize the first letter of each word in hashtags so that screen reader software reads out each word separately.  It also makes them #EasierToRead!’

Where you can, use an image in your Facebook and Twitter posts but be aware of the different sizing requirements for the different platforms. Making your posts visually appealing, with a good strong image will attract attention. Video content is highly effective on social media, so consider recording a short video clip of a class, up to a minute in length, to get across the feel of a class to new audience members. Search on Facebook for local dance groups, university clubs, What’s Going On pages and share content. 

Instagram is a great way to share images and video clips of dances and classes.  Also consider using YouTube and TikTok as a way of promoting your Branch or Group. 

Scheduling posts for Facebook and Instagram can now be managed through Facebook. 

Don’t forget to tell the RSCDS about your plans too. Let us know if you’re holding taster classes or have welcomed new members. Share the news with other RSCDS members and pass on any good ideas you have or reactions you have received from new dancers.  

Other digital platforms

Think about posting an announcement from your Branch or Group on local community discussion groups or another local platform, such as the neighbourhood website Nextdoor. This could let people know about the fun, fitness and friendship appeal of Scottish country dancing and encourage new people to come along to a class and give it a go. Individual members can also post content for their family, friends and local community.

Meetup.com is a website and app where you can share event and reach out to like-minded people. You can advertise your classes and Branch and Group activities and they will be searchable by location.   

If you are arranging events and would like people to book, Eventbrite is also a good tool to use. Eventbrite is free to use for free events, and there is a charge based on ticket price for charged for events. Help and advice on setting up an Eventbrite account can be found on their website.


Don't forget to make use of your Individual Branch or Affiliated Group webpage on the RSCDS Branch & Group finder. Keep it updated with website and contact details. You can add photographs and highlight upcoming events.

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