Financial constraints may deter many dancers and would-be dance teachers from attending Summer School, organising local teacher-training classes or dance events, or participating in other RSCDS activities. Do not despair! The RSCDS offers various scholarships and funding schemes to provide assistance. Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Derek & Maureen Haynes Memorial Fund in particular, many young dancers and musicians (aged 35 and under) are supported to attend Summer School.

The RSCDS also offers a small number of scholarships to help young dancers and musicians attend youth events, classes, schools or workshops run by RSCDS Branches anywhere in the world. 

What does the scholarship cover?

The scholarships typically cover the full or half costs of residential and course fees at events and dance schools (plus examination fees where applicable). 

Travel expenses are not typically covered.

Dancers are also encouraged to inquire within their Branch for available financial support. For dancers who are members of the International Branch they can investigate their suitability to apply for support via the Susi Mayr Fund which can be viewed on the IB website

RSCDS International Branch

The RSCDS Youth Branch also offers travel grants to its members to attend events, so we encourage you to get in touch with the Youth Branch to find out more.

Summer School will run in 2024 on the following dates:

Week 1                 14 – 21 July

Week 2                 21 – 28 July

Week 3                 28 July – 4 August

Week 4                 4 - 11 August

The Musicians Ensemble course will run in week 1

The Class Musicians’ course in week 3

Unit 5 will take place in weeks 1 and 2

Units 2 and 3 will take place in weeks 3 and 4

Young Dancers’ Week will take place in week 3

Unless applying to attend a teaching certificate course, the funding will be for up to a maximum of one week’s residency at Summer School. 

  • The Derek & Maureen Haynes Memorial Fund Award for young dancers, teachers and musicians, aged 35 and under 
  • One Alastair Aitkenhead Scholarship for young dancers aged 16-25
  • One additional Alastair Aitkenhead Scholarship, for young dancers (including non-members) aged 12-16
  • The John Duckett Scholarship, which gives preference to young dancers aged 16-25
  • The Kitty McLaughlin Award for those wishing to attend the Musicians’ Course
  • The Porter's Bequest for Summer School attendees from the Maritime Provinces (Canada)


Family Scholarship

This new Family Scholarship is being introduced for the first time at Summer School 2024 to enable a family to come to Summer School during the Youth Week 28Th July to 4th August.  The Scholarship will cover the cost of one week residential or non-residential Summer School fees, for a maximum of 2 adults and 2 young dancers.

Applications for Summer School 2024 are now closed.



Teaching Scholarships are available for those wishing to take the Teaching Certificate Part 1 (Units 2&3) or Part 2 (Unit 5) at Summer School. Scholarships typically cover residential, course and examination fees.

  • The Derek & Maureen Haynes Memorial Fund Award for those training as teachers aged 35 and under
  • The Duncan McLeod Scholarship, for which preference is given to those training as teachers, particularly of physical education
  • The Jean Milligan Memorial Fund (JMMF) for those aged over 35 - NOTE you should still apply for this funding through the Summer School scholarship application form.

Applications must be received by 13th November 2023.

Applicants must be a member of The RSCDS at the time of application and Summer School.

It is not necessary, when filling out the form, to state which scholarship you are applying for; you should simply choose between teaching, dance and musician scholarships, and awards will be made subject to demand and availability.

The Society typically offers up to four scholarships to assist overseas teacher candidates to travel to schools outside Scotland. To apply for one of these scholarships please visit: jmmF Online application

Spring Fling is an event for dancers aged 35 or under. Scholarships to attend Spring Fling are typically offered annually by the Youth Services Committee who select the recipients.

The scholarships are open to members of the RSCDS and to non-members. Applicants should be 35 and under, with preference given to those 25 and under. Only residential (accommodation) and course fees are covered by the Scholarships; travelling expenses are not covered. 

The application should be supported by a short statement from the applicant, outlining the financial need and stating briefly why the applicant would like to attend Spring Fling. 

If successful, it is a condition of the award that a short report, maximum 500 words, must be submitted to the Youth Services Committee. The report, or extracts from it, may be featured in the Scottish Country Dancer, Dance Scottish Together or published on the RSCDS website or social media platforms. 


Scholarship applications for Southern Fling Melbourne 2024 are now open.

Apply now

Applications close on 8th September 2024


Derek and Maureen Haynes were, as individuals and as a couple, a wonderful asset to Scottish Dancing. They were both superb dancers and gifted teachers and, in Derek’s case, an ingenious dance devisor. They gave freely of their time and talents to encourage others to enjoy this activity we all love.

Following Derek’s death in 2005, Maureen generously set up The Derek Haynes Annual Scholarship and many young dancers have benefited from this opportunity of a scholarship to attend Summer School.

Derek Haynes qualified as an RSCDS teacher and, although based in Lancashire, taught classes throughout the UK and abroad. Derek is probably best known as a dance devisor. He published 63 dances in The Carnforth Collection, Volumes 1-6, printed and collated by Derek and Maureen and sold in aid of Imperial Cancer Research Fund. In 2003 Derek was awarded the RSCDS Scroll of Honour.  

Born in Stenness in Orkney, Maureen moved with her family, first to Lanarkshire and later to a farm near Doncaster. She qualified as a Science Teacher in Durham and it was during this time she started Scottish Country Dancing. By the early 1980’s Maureen was Senior Mistress at Ryedale Comprehensive in North Yorkshire and it was here that she met Derek. 

They married in 1983 settling in Nether Kellett, between Lancaster and Kendal. Whilst Derek was alive, Maureen was often asked if she taught. Her constant reply was “one teacher in the family is enough” and, sad though it was when Derek died in 2005, it allowed Maureen to come out from his shadow and become a truly great and inspirational teacher of Scottish Country Dancing for the NW Craven Branch of RSCDS.  

Maureen’s skilled tutoring leaves an important legacy of 13 fully qualified teachers who will pass on her knowledge to the next generation.  As well as teaching in the South Lakes and Yorkshire Dales she was sought-after for workshops and day schools across the UK and worldwide.

In 2018 Maureen was awarded the RSCDS ‘Scroll of Honour’. Following her death in 2019, She left a very generous legacy to the RSCDS which has added significant funds to the Derek Haynes Memorial fund and now their combined legacy will allow many more young people (aged 35 and under) to attend Summer School as a participant on either dancing or music courses or to train as a Scottish Country Dance teacher.

The JMMF offers a limited number of individual member scholarships in addition to various funding support opportunities for Branches. For more information on the JMMF please click the link below.

Jean Milligan Memorial fund

Applying for a scholarship

For all scholarship enquiries and applications please contact

Winter School, Summer School 2024 and Spring Fling 2024 scholarship applications are now closed. 

Family Scholarship - applications close on 31st January 2024 - for more information click here.

For Winter School applications, applicants must be 35 or under at the start of Winter School, must not have previously attended Winter School and must minimally dance at Intermediate level. The Scholarship covers bed & breakfast and dinner at the Atholl Palace Hotel, all tuition and the final ball at Blair Castle. The applicants must be willing to be involved in RSCDS marketing, and provide a short report on their experience of Winter School.

For Summer School applications, applicants must be a member of The RSCDS at the time of application and Summer School.

Please note that applicants, apart from the second Aitkenhead scholarship, must be aged 16 years or older by Summer School, to benefit from a scholarship. Any applicant under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Any applicants under the age of 16 at the time of application, must have their form signed by a parent or guardian.

It is not necessary, when filling out the form, to state which scholarship you are applying for; you should simply choose between teaching, dance and musician scholarships, and awards will be made subject to demand and availability.

Application unsuccessful?

Unsuccessful applicants will still be able to get the early bird price.

Additionally, you can help spread the cost if you choose to pay via Paypal at time of booking. You can select 'Pay Later' and you won’t pay any interest on your balance for 4 months.

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