In need of a little challenge? Take a peek at some of our newest activities for young dancers (but of course all ages can get involved)!

Virtual Festival 2020

We received some amazing video submissions from our Young Dancers for this online, Scottish country dance competition! The theme last year was "A Scottish Celebration" and we were so impressed at how you interpreted it. At the moment, many dancers are not able to physically dance with other people, so we added a new special award for "best adaptation for physical distancing". Click the button below to see the videos.


Matching games & crosswords


Are you a Scottish dance and RSCDS expert? Check your knowledge with this crossword!








Test your memory and learn to read formation diagrams with this memory game. Click on the cards and try to find the matching pair!

Did you know that each Scottish country dance formation has a matching diagram? For example, the diagram for the formation 'left hands across' is LA, and a 'reel of three' diagram looks like an 8 lying on the floor. You can find all the diagrams for all formations here.

You are finding diagrams difficult? Don't worry - the colours will help you (this is best played on a large screen, ideally a laptop or desktop computer).


Ready to try a few more diagrams? This second version will really test your knowledge of SCD!







How did you do? If you have mastered the memory game have a go at this matching pairs game. We have removed the colours to make it a little more difficult...








Let's draw Rowan

OK, Rowan is not the easiest to draw, so we have put together a little how-to video that simplifies the character and shows you how to draw them using simple shapes as a starting point. We have drawn Rowan on a computer using Adobe software and a pen tablet, but the process is exactly the same with a pen and paper!

A couple of tips:

  • You will need a pencil, eraser, pen (like a felt tip) and paper if you are doing a traditional drawing.  If you would rather go digital, follow the video using software on your computer or iPad - it's up to you!
  • Remember, this is YOUR Rowan - add your own artistic flair and don't worry if it doesn't look exactly the same as the original. Drawing freehand creates unique results!


We challenge you...

More commonly known as a word snake, our versions are themed around Scotland of course!

Snake one:  Follow the letters along Nessie's body and find the Scottish country dance terms written there. How many can you find?

Nessie word snake

You can also download a printable PDF of our Nessie word snake, or even have a go at your own version!


Snake two:  For all the Potter fans out there, this puzzle represents the Scottish country dance Slytherin House. Hidden on the serpent are formations from the dance itself (watch the dance to help you out and see how many formations you can find).

Slytherin House word snake creative activity


You can also download a printable PDF of our Slytherin House word snake!


That's puzzling...

Have a jig with Rowan and their friends! This 72 piece puzzle is a little tricky...










Put Miss Milligan back together again! We have transformed the RSCDS co-founder's portrait into a 70 piece jigsaw puzzle that you can complete online. Can you beat our time? Bonus points if you can tell us where this piece of art lives... (Hint - the answer is on our website)









Next up, puzzle away with these dance diagram jigsaws. Look at the complete diagram carefully, and use the colours and the background to help you. Have you solved the puzzle? Then watch the videos for each and see if you can 'read' the diagram and recognise the diagram formations it in the movements (The Waratah Weaver, Summer on the Beach, Double Trouble Triangles).

RSCDS dance diagram puzzles

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