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We are very happy to support you with youth workshops worldwide, so if you are interested holding a workshop we encourage you to get in touch with the Youth Services Committee.

Children in Need

Every October and November in the UK it's Pudsey time! Pudsey? For anyone not 'in the know', Pudsey is the larger than life bear mascot that spearheads the BBC's UK charity 'Children in Need'. Running since 1980, the charity has changed the lives of countless disabled and disadvantaged children and young people across the country.

We know that schools and clubs get behind the annual appeal in a big way, raising money by doing a raft of fun and crazy things! This year, why not try Scottish Country Dancing? Louise Macdougall (former member of the Youth Services Committee) and her class have devised a dance called 'Pudsey Bear' and we would love you to give it a go as part of your fundraising efforts. To help you learn the dance Louise and her class even made a video! In addition, Ian Muir, former Music Director for the Society created a tune just for Pudsey.

To download the materials please click on the links below:



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