Youth Services Committee

The Committee

The Youth Services Committee was formed in 2011 to listen to ideas from younger dancers and to give them the opportunity to plan and help organise activities for young people in the RSCDS.  

The Committee is one of three committees that reports to the RSCDS Management Board and along with the two other committees, suggests policy to the trustees. 

If you would like to see who is on the Youth Services Committee please visit the people page.

Youth Services Committee

The Youth Services Committee meets four times a year. Originally they met face to face at the RSCDS office but recently all meetings have been held using electronic conferencing facilities. This enables members worldwide to consider putting themselves forward for the Committee. 

We lead and support youth events, encourage the teaching of Scottish Country Dance in schools, listen to the needs of young people and support the youth. We are committed to helping young people access Scottish Country Dancing and assisting teachers to promote dance in schools. 

The RSCDS promotes inclusivity for dancers of all ages and abilities and the Youth Services Committee is dedicated and passionate about getting young people active, learning new skills and making new friends. 

There are three annual events run by the RSCDS Young Dancers that have global participation, and you can learn more by visiting the Youth Activities page. 

If you are interested in the work of the Youth Services Committee, please get in touch with the Convenor and perhaps think about standing for election!

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