Teaching tracks

Since the release of Book 49 the RSCDS has produced a set of teaching tracks for each of the subsequent books.

For each of the Books 49-52 and for the Unit 2 Teaching Exam there are available a set of ‘teaching tracks’, which consist of the dance broken down into sequences of bars that teachers are likely to use in teaching the dance (for example, Bars 1-8, 9-16, 1-16, etc).

For each dance (except those in Book 49) there are two sets. One set with a ‘Ready and…’ and one set with introductions in the correct tempo and same tempo as the CD.

Following the links below will take you to each Book/Unit and the dances and to their resources. We welcome any comment and suggestions for further material. 

If you would like to get in touch and leave a comment or provide us with feedback on the teaching tracks please email the RSCDS office and we will pass on your query.

All teaching tracks were produced by Ian and Judith Muir.

Book 49

Recorded by Jim Lindsay and his Scottish Dance Band, the CD contains 12 brand new Scottish Country Dances and three additional tracks.

Book 50

CD Book 50 contains 13 Scottish Country Dances and three tunes from Scott Band and his Scottish Dance Band.

Book 51

Music for 12 Scottish Country Dances and Band leader’s choices. Music recorded by Ian Muir and his Scottish Dance Band.

Book 52

Music recorded by Jim Lindsay and his Scottish Dance Band, this CD contains all new tunes.

Unit 2

The Unit 2: Prescribed Dances contains 12 Scottish Country Dances and is linked with the Teaching Certificate.

Unit 3

Here you will find the resources for the skills section  that makes up Unit 3, resources for teachers.



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