Core Training for Instructors (CTI)

The training of teachers has been an important feature of the work of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) since its inception in 1923.  The value of such training is recognised throughout the world and the ability of RSCDS teachers to pass on their skills to others is one of the main factors in ensuring the future, not only of the Society, but also of Scottish country dancing itself.

In addition to the Teaching Certificate training courses (Units 1 to 5) the RSCDS currently offers a Basic Teaching Skills course for those who are already leading/teaching, or about to take on a group, but who do not wish to sit the RSCDS teaching examinations. 

This CTI programme responds to an expressed need for training that is more rigorous than Basic Teaching Skills but less demanding than the Teaching Certificate in terms of time and money and does not assess personal footwork. 

Such a programme would meet the needs of individuals who are leading social groups and/or general classes. 



  • Discuss your interest in teaching with an experienced teacher
  • Submit Trainee's application form to the RSCDS Office (you must be a member or join the RSCDS)
  • Arrange payment (£40) 
  • Select a Trainer from a list held at the RSCDS Office
  • After receiving confirmation of your Trainer from the RSCDS, discuss your aims and objectives with your Trainer.

Develop with a CTI trainer

  • Familiarise yourself with relevant RSCDS teaching materials
  • Develop your teaching skills with an existing or new group
  • Learn to understand dances and plan classes
  • Receive feedback on classes - using technology if Trainer is remote


  • Agree with Trainer when your aims and objectives have been achieved, within a two-year timespan
  • Receive final feedback from Trainer
  • Trainer submits the Trainer Confirmation Form to RSCDS Office along with the video and lesson plan for the final lesson
  • Trainee receives Statement of Proficiency as an Instructor of Scottish country dancing from the RSCDS 

CTI Syllabus for Trainees

In the CTI syllabus you will find further information on the following areas:

  • Stages in the CTI Training
  • Getting started
  • Core Skills
  • What to expect from the Trainer
  • Completing the Training
  • Further Development


Call for CTI Trainers

In order for the Core Training for Instructors programme to be successful, we require teachers who are willing to train the prospective instructors, and ultimately decide when they can proficiently instruct their class.

Trainers must be class teachers with a full (Part 2) RSCDS Teaching Certificate. Following qualification of Full Certificate, teachers should have 5 years of teaching experience, which should include working with beginners and intermediate dancers.

Further information on how to become a CTI Trainer is included in the Call for Trainers (CTI-1)



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