Teaching Certificate

The training of teachers has been an important feature of the work of the RSCDS since its inception in 1923. The value of such training is recognised throughout the world and the ability of RSCDS teachers to pass on their skills to others is one of the main factors in ensuring the future not only of the RSCDS but of Scottish Country Dancing itself. All successful candidates receive a new teacher's pack, providing advice and information for those just getting started.

The information given in these pages is intended as a guide to the content and administration of the courses and examinations. The regulations and conditions of entry for the RSCDS Teaching Certificate Parts 1 and 2 are described in detail in the syllabus. The answers to some queries about the courses can be found on the exam FAQ page.

More information on the courses and answers to specific queries may be obtained at any time by contacting: info@rscds.org or by telephoning direct: +44 (0)131 225 3854. 

Please note the following general regulations:

  • Candidates for all examinations must have current membership of the RSCDS
  • Membership of an affiliated group does not constitute membership of the RSCDS

Examination courses are offered annually at RSCDS Summer School in St Andrews. Courses also run at other schools and periodically by Branches according to local need. The examination fees page gives details of fees and concessionary rates for all units of the RSCDS Teaching Certificate. 

Scholarships may be made available to assist candidates.

This page contains a number of forms and supporting information for Units 1 to 5 all in one central location. If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch with the E&T Committee and they will be happy to assist.

Frequently Asked Questions about the RSCDS examination system, and information on fees for each unit in the Teaching Certificate.

This is the written paper, which is based solely on the Manual. This is usually self-taught, but candidates would gain from consulting an experienced teacher about questions from past papers, which are available in a bank on the website.

This is the practical dancing exam, based on the 12 prescribed dances. It is usually combined with Unit 3 and studied together so the physical demands of Unit 2 must be managed carefully, dancing as much as possible but minimising the risk of injury.

This is the first of the teaching exams. Candidates are required to teach basic steps and formations at beginner’s level. Examples of the 16-bar phrases that may be used in the examination can be found in the Unit 3 assignment bank.

This requires keeping a list of all classes taught since passing Unit 3. Detailed lesson plans for a minimum of six one-hour classes, preferably at different levels, is also required. 

This is the second and final of the teaching exams. Candidates are required to teach a 32-bar RSCDS dance at intermediate level. The dance assigned to a candidate will be chosen from the Unit 5 assignment bank.

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