Teachers' organisations

The RSCDS is rooted in teaching with the aim to grow and preserve a traditional form of dance. There are numerous organisations around the world that assist in this endeavour and we encourage you to get in touch to learn more about their efforts. 

The following are the main teaching bodies associated with Scottish Country Dancing. For more information and contact details please visit their website.

TAC - Teachers' Association (Canada)

TAC was established in 1958 to support and assist Scottish Dance teachers in North America. For over 50 years it has provided that support along with access to books, music and training to members all over the world. 

Visit The T.A.C Website

TAS - Teachers' Association of Scotland

Teachers' Association of Scotland, or TAS for short, is an organisation for teachers of Scottish Country Dancing (SCD). TAS exists to support and encourage continuing development of SCD teachers by providing opportunities to meet and exchange ideas and experiences.

Visit The T.A.S. Website

ATA - Australian Teachers' Alliance

The Australian Teachers' Alliance (ATA) is an association of teachers of Scottish Country Dance. ATA is dedicated to developing teaching standards and facilitating communication between Scottish Country Dance teachers across Australia.

Visit The A.T.A Website

serTA - South East Region Teachers' Association

serTA was established in 2006 to support and encourage the teaching of Scottish Country Dancing, particularly in the South East of England.

Visit The S.E.R.T.A Website



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