Dance Trad is the follow-on dance resource pack to Jigs & Reels. It has been developed to ensure that all ages of young people are catered for, from nursery to the end of secondary school.

The first section provides a collection of dances used traditionally at ceilidhs and weddings. Dancers can walk, skip, dance with skip change of step according to their wish, and there is the chance to spin, birl or pivot to increase enjoyment.

The second section is a progressive programme of Scottish country dances. Depending on the young people’s ability and experience, teachers can begin at a level at which the dancers are comfortable. When they gain confidence they can progress quickly to the next dance. One lesson plan may take three or four teaching sessions.

The third section offers the chance for young people to devise their own dances. It provides music of different types and length as starting points for creative choreography.

Included in this pack are two CDs with full-length recordings for all the dances, and a DVD to accompany the lesson plans. The DVD shows each dance, including the progression, and also contains a voice-over of coaching words for some of the dances.

Dance Trad is available for purchase via the online shop, or by getting in touch with the RSCDS office and placing an order.



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