The Jigs & Reels pack is a progressive programme of Scottish country dances for teachers of children and young people, produced by the RSCDS.

Scottish Country Dancing is an important part of children's heritage in Scotland. It fits well into the Curriculum for Excellence, particularly in the areas of 'Health and Wellbeing' and the 'Expressive Arts'. The level of physical activity involved in Scottish Country Dancing promotes a healthy lifestyle, which is important for future generations. As children begin to grasp the patterns and sequences of the dances they can then make links with other areas of the curriculum, for example the wheels in technology and geometric shapes in mathematics.

Depending on the children's ability and experience, teachers can begin at a level at which the children are comfortable. When they gain confidence they can progress quickly to the next dance, though one lesson plan may take three or four teaching sessions. Included in the pack are five "party dances", which children may encounter at social occasions such as Ceilidhs or weddings.

CPD - Ideally this resource will be introduced through a CPD session. This would be led by a qualified teacher trained by the RSCDS. Enquiries about engaging teachers should be made to

To view/download the Booklet for the School Resources Pack, please click below:

The pack includes:
  • A list of all the dances in the pack and on the CD and DVD (dance and track numbers are consistent throughout) - list also provided below
  • An index to the steps and formations included in each dance
  • A brief glossary of the simple terms used
  • Photographic illustrations of different types of hold
  • A two-page lesson plan for each dance (example below)
  • A CD of recorded music for all the featured dances
  • A DVD containing video footage of all the featured dances, some of which include a voice-over of coaching words (indicated in the index)

To see an example of the Jigs & Reels Pack, please click below. To view footage form the DVD please go to the bottom of the page.

To purchase the pack, please visit our online shop or call the RSCDS office to place an order. We can happily invoice you and work with the school to provide any additional materials you may need.


The dances in the pack are:
  1. "School Name" Circle
  2. Happy Hoops
  3. Charlestown Chaser
  4. Prince of Orange
  5. The Flying Scotsman (easy version)
  6. A Reel for Jeannie
  7. The Loch Ness Monster
  8. The Waratah Weaver (adapted)
  9. Jig to the Music
  10. The Merry Reapers
  11. The Flying Scotsman (standard version)
  12. A Jig for Mrs Dunn
  13. "School Name" Welcome
  14. Simon's Dance
  15. The Bob of Fettercairn
  16. Galloway House
  17. The Brudenell Jig
  18. Lady Catherine Bruce's Reel
  19. The Maids of Currie
  20. Easy Peasy
  21. The Barmkin
  22. Hedwig's Reel
  23. The Old Man of Storr
  24. Granville Market
  25. Round Reel of Eight
  26. Canadian Barn Dance
  27. Circassian Circle
  28. The Dashing White Sergeant
  29. Gay Gordons
  30. Virginia Reel

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