A tutor is an RSCDS teacher with wide and varied teaching experience who has been invited by the Branch or centre to prepare candidates for the examinations. Some tutors find it beneficial to tutor in partnership with another tutor. In theory there are no restrictions on who can become a tutor, although it should be somebody who has either recently been through the current process or is a very experienced teacher.

Learning to tutor

From time to time the RSCDS runs special training courses for prospective tutors and it is advisable that teachers undertake one of these courses before they actually tutor. When courses are planned, details will be available here.

Prospective tutors may also choose to shadow an active tutor during a Teaching Certificate Unit course, to gain experience of effective tutoring.

Guidance for tutors

The Tutor’s Handbook, an eBook collection of  documents, provides both guidance and the background material relevant to tutoring. There is a useful guide on how to tutor a candidate course, including a suggested timetable as well as the topics to be covered. The various forms that are used in the examination process can be downloaded, as can some sample letters that would be sent to candidates before the course commences. There is also a document that lists topics that are not part of the exam, but which tutors might like to include in the course if they have time.

Important background material

Tutors should ensure that candidates are aware of what is required for the exam and should download / be sent a copy of the Guidance Notes for Teaching Certificate Candidates

The booklet Teaching Scottish Country Dancing – Guidelines for Tutors, Teachers and Candidates also gives good practical advice and examples of what is expected in the exam.



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