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Medal Tests for Young Dancers. Music for the Dances. Revised Syllabus 2022


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Music for the Dances, Medal Tests for Young Dancers. Revised Syllabus 2022

Recorded by Ian & Judith Muir and Neil Copland & Maureen Rutherford

1 A Reel for Jeannie 1 x 32 Reel
Angus Grant’s Reel (Douglas Keir)
2 The Waratah Weaver 1 x 32 Jig
The Bannet Stane (Rob Gordon)
3 Leap Year 2 x 24 Jig
Glasgow Peggy; The Belfast Almanac
4 Mr Michael Bear’s Reel 2 x 32 Reel
Miss Jean Milligan (Winifred B Matthew); Hutchie’s Bash (Graeme Mitchell)
5 The Flying Scotsman 1 x 32 Reel
Roaring Jelly
6 A Jig for Mrs Dunn 2 x 32 Jig
Tracy’s Jig (Muriel Johnstone); Coldside Jig (Angus Fitchet)
7 The Brudenell Jig 2 x 32 Jig
Auld Jock the Tinker (Ian Thow); The Drunken Parson
8 The Honeymoon 2 x 32 Reel
O gin I were where Gadie rins; Polly Stewart
9 Davy’s Locker 2 x 24 Reel
The Boatie Rows; Lass ‘O Gowrie
10 The Highland Fair 2 x 32 Reel
Muirland Willie; The Wind and the Rain
11 Galloway House 2 x 32 Jig
Aitken Drum; Come Let Us Dance and Sing
12 Kendall’s Hornpipe 2 x 32 Reel
Ower the Water; Edmond McKenzie of Plockton (Andrew Rankine)
13 Crom Allt 2 x 32 Jig
The Reversal (Muriel Johnstone); Alison’s Reel (Iain Peterson)
14 Orpington Caledonians 2 x 32 Jig
Orpington Caledonians (Robin Ellis); Angus MacAulay of Newbury (Ian R Muir)
15 Lady C Bruce’s Reel 2 x 32 Jig
The Stornoway Sailor (Neil Grant); The Old Grey Cat
16 Catch the Wind 2 x 32 Reel
The Navvie; The Flirtation Hornpipe
17 Mrs Stewart Sinton’s Reel 2 x 32 Reel
Pibroch o’Donuil Dhu; Goat on the Hill (Neil Campbell)
18 The Duke of Perth 2 x 32 Reel
The Duke of Perth; Loch Torridon
19 Ower the Water to Charlie (New Way) 2 x 32 Reel
Ower the Water; Patricia Ann Douglas (Lindsay Ross)
20 Lady Home’s Jig 2 x 32 Jig
Lady Home’s Jig; Miss Moira Sinclair (Iain T MacPhail)
21 The Reel of the 51st Division 2 x 32 Reel
The Drunken Piper (or Highland Rory) (Alex McLeod); Polwarth on the Green
22 Ladies’ Fancy 2 x 32 Jig
Peggie’s Wedding (Bremner/Gow’s Repository); Ian MacKintosh of Pine House (Lindsay Ross)
23 Scottish Reform 2 x 32 Jig
Scottish Reform; Maggie Brown’s Jig
24 The Cumbrae Reel 2 x 32 Reel
Willie was a Wanton Wag (Robert Burns); The Hersleyside Reel (T J Elliot)
25 The Express 2 x 40 Jig
The Ferry (Kerrs); Cavehill
26 Gramachie 2 x 32 Strathspey
Provost Skene’s House (Nan Main); Friedswide Square (Ian R Muir)
27 La Flora 2 x 32 Jig
Miss Jane Douglas (Robert Mackintosh); Miss Trotter (of Castlelaws’) Reel
28 Inverneill House 2 x 32 Reel
Macleod and Mackay (James Scott Skinner); Iain Peterson’s Compliments to Jack Delaney (Iain Peterson)
29 Monymusk 2 x 32 Strathspey
Sir Archibald Sinclair Of Monymusk (Donald Dow); Lady Madelina Sinclair (Neil Gow)
30 Tribute to the Borders 2 x 32 Jig
The Daggs of Craighouse (Moira Reekie); Miss Maria Stewart’s Jig (James Pringle)
31 Milton’s Welcome 2 x 32 Reel
Master Erskine’s Hornpipe (or The Gypsy Hornpipe), Da Kirks
32 Lady Glasgow 2 x 32 Strathspey
Lady Gow (Neil Gow); Mrs Will (James Scott Skinner)
33 Trip to Timber Ridge 2 x 32 Reel
The Whirlwind (Andy Imrie), Thieves Road (Keith Dickson)
34 General Stuart’s Reel 2 x 32 Reel
The Stuart’s Rant (Gow Repository); The New Brig O’ Ayr
35 Gang the Same Gate 2 x 32 Strathspey
Mrs Dalziel (Nathaniel Gow); The Duchess of Bedford’s Strathspey (William Marshall)
36 A Capital Jig 2 x 32 Jig
The Reunion (George Anderson); Geoff’s Jig (George Anderson)
37 Rodney’s Rant 2 x 32 Jig
Miss Grace Hay’s Reel (Robert Mackintosh); Ness Botham (Fergie MacDonald)
38 Miss Gibson’s Strathspey 2 x 32 Strathspey
The Music of Spey (James Scott Skinner); Sarona (James Scott Skinner)
39 The Compleat Gardener 2 x 32 Jig
David Vandegrift –  The Grand Marshall (Muriel A Johnstone), Bonnie Clouden Mill (Max Houliston)
40 College Hornpipe 2 x 32 Reel
Jolly Tars (Kerrs); Edward Jay’s Jaunt (Angus Fitchet)
41 Cape Town Wedding 2 x 32 Strathspey
Mr Dolph Morris’ Strathspey (Peter Keir); Miss Ann Rutherford (Walter Rutherford)
42 Skip Change/SlipStep  1 – The Merry Reapers (2×24 Jig) 1 x 24 Jig
Wi’ a Hundred Pipers, Family Pride (Lindsay Ross)
43 Skip Change/SlipStep  2 – The Cumberland Reel (1×32 Jig) 1 x 32 Jig
The Cumberland Reel
44 Skip Change/SlipStep  3 – Joie de Vivre (2×32 Jig) 2 x 32 Jig
Andersons (Carol Cook); Jimmy Harris’ Jig (Angus Fitchet)
45 Skip Change/SlipStep  4 – It’s All Right (2×32 Jig) 2 x 32 Jig
Mrs McGhie’s Reel; Mrs Stewart (of Bombay’)s Jig
46 Pas De Basque 1 – Maxwell’s Rant (2×32 Reel) 2 x 32 Reel
Maxwell’s Rant; The Girl I Left Behind Me
47 Pas De Basque 2 – Provost Wynd (2×32 Reel) 2 x 32 Reel
Ray’s Reel (Muriel A Johnstone); Miss Campbell (Adam Rennie)
48 Strathspey Travel 1 – The Silver Tassie (2×32 Strathspey) 2 x 32 Strathspey
Lady Charlotte Campbell’s Strathspey (Robert Mackintosh); Doon the Burn Davie Lad
49 Strathspey Setting – (1×32 Strathspey, 2-bar introduction) 1 x 32 Strathspey
The Wife she Brewed It
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