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CD Diamond Jubilee Year

Music to accompany The Diamond Jubilee Collection, Perth 800 and The Kandahar Reel.

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The Royal Patron (8×32 Reel)
The Castle of Mey (8×32 Reel)
Mist o’er the Loch (8×32 Strathspey)
Rodney’s Rant (8×32 Jig)
Orwell Lodge Strathspey (3×32 Strathspey)
Burnaby at Forty (4×40 Strathspey)
Perth 800 (4×32 Reel)
The Buttercup (8×40 Jig)
Swan and the Tay (4×32 Strathspey)
Perth meets Perth (4×32 Reel)
Kandahar Reel (10×32 Reel)



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