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The Society Archive has a large (and growing) collection of recorded music related to Scottish Country Dancing (in some instances rather tenuously!!). The collection embraces: Tape, Cassette, Vinyl LP and Shellac 78 rpm discs.

It is the latter group which is perhaps the most interesting, since it contains many unusual recordings. The collection is listed in the Archive’s online catalogue Music in Recorded and Printed Form - RSCDS Archive

I have selected a few of some of the more interesting items which have been donated by members over the years. We have for example a recording of Petronella by the Highland Military Band arranged and conducted by J. Michael Diack (who was instrumental in the creation the Scottish Country Dance Society in 1923). You can listen to the recording here Petronella; Triumph - RSCDS Archive  Some of you may be surprised at the tempo of the dance and note that not all recordings of country dances featured bands who used accordions and fiddles.

Petronella, Triumph, RSCDS Archive


Audio file

Columbia Record No 4054 Petronella and Triumph
arranged and conducted by J Michael Diack and played by the Highland Military Band


Another which we have in the collection is a very early recording (probably about 1910) of J. Scott Skinner playing solo violin. Unfortunately, this disc is slightly damaged but I have manged to recover most of the music digitally.  S1 Bagpipe Marches; S2 Medley No.2 - RSCDS Archive 

Bagpipe Marches, S2 Medley No.2, RSCDS Archive


Audio file

Regal G 6624 (Columbia Gramophone Co. Ltd)
J Scott Skinner Violin Solo
S1 Medley No. 2: The Bonnie Lass O' Bon Accord; Marquis of Huntly's Farewell; The £10 Fiddle
S2 Bagpipe Marches: Athole Highlander's Farewell to Loch Katrine; Cameron Highlanders; Inverness Gathering


The final item I have chosen to highlight is a recording by George F. Davie’s Quartette of The Linton Ploughman and Jenny’s Bawbee made in 1939.  S1. The Linton Ploughman; S2. Jenny's Bawbee - RSCDS Archive 

George Davie was greatly influence by J. Scott Skinner and his Quartette made many recordings of Scottish Country Dance Music and played Scottish Country Dance music regularly on the BBC Scottish Home Service (if anyone can remember that!!). His Quartette was often accompanied by Annie Shand a well-known pianist from the sane era, who played frequently at Summer School and published a book of tunes for the dances contained in books 1-7.

The Linton Ploughman, Jenny's Bawbee, RSCDS Archive


Audio file

Beltona 6168 George F Davie's Quartette
S1. The Linton Ploughman
S2. Jenny's Bawbee


The Society’s Archive 78 rpm collection gives a fascinating insight into the way Scottish Dance Music has evolved and changed, both in tempo and style, over the years.  It is hoped that eventually all of the 78 rpm recordings will be made available for listening to online.

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