Dance Through the Decades - 30th Sept 2023

Dance Through the Decades


Branches and Affiliated Groups around the world joined forces to take part in a global celebration of the Centenary of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society on Saturday 30th September 2023.

Here are just a few of the events that took place that weekend.  You can view more events on our Facebook page.


The Waltham Scottish Country Dance Group in Leicestershire held an afternoon Tea Dance on 30 Sep to celebrate the RSCDS Centenary.  The ten Centenary Dances formed the core of the programme, with additional acknowledgment of the founders with Miss Milligan's Strathspey and Mrs Stewart's Jig as well as the Society in the form of EH3 7AF and 12 Coates Crescent.  A wonderfully decorated cake was shared, making the dancers in the filled hall feel part of a worldwide celebration!  


Waltham Scottish Country Dance Group



The Seattle Branch RSCDS held a workshop and ball on Saturday September 30 to celebrate 100 years of RSCDS and 45 years of the Seattle Branch.  The workshop teacher was Rebecca Blackhall-Peters (Summerland, Canada), with fiddler Elke Baker (Washington, DC) and pianist Lisa Scott (Portland, Oregon).  A total of 76 people were welcomed to the Cedar Valley Grange for food, music, socializing and, of course, dance!  Great fun was had by all.  

Seattle Branch



On Saturday, Sept 30th, the Southern California branches of RSCDS (Los Angeles, Orange County, San Gabriel Valley and San Diego) celebrated the Centenary with a dance featuring the music of Andy Imbrie and Judi Nicolson.

Southern California branches of RSCDS


Winnipeg Branch dancers, family members and friends were happy to be dancing on September 30th, 100th Anniversary of the RSCDS.  Not only did we enjoy socializing at this Ceilidh, but we also supported our local Manitoba Society of ALS (otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease).  How could an event with silent auction prizes, dancing, entertainment, (and of course, food) not be an enjoyable evening.  It was an opportunity to share a great activity (dancing) with our community and support a cause that affects those we love. Our hearts are full of joy and gratitude.  Thank you one and all.



Dundee Branch celebrated the Centenary with a super dance in Dundee, featuring a selection of dances the RSCDS has published over the last 100 years, with wonderful music from Marian Anderson’s Band.


Nova Scotia Branch - The dance group on Prince Edward Island held a special evening recently with SCD, ECD and some other dance styles.

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