DST - Autumn Gathering 2022

RSCDS Autumn Gathering 2022


On 4th November 2022, Scottish country dancers arrived at Kelvin Hall in Glasgow for the 2022 Autumn Gathering, which, this year, kicked off a year of celebrations as the Society celebrates its Centenary.

The weekend got underway with a dance on the Friday night, attended by over 290 dancers. The programme for the evening was compiled by the Toronto Association with music provided by the Martainn Skene Scottish Dance Band. Dances included Hooper’s Jig, The Earl of Mansfield, The Sauchie Haugh and City of Belfast.

On Saturday morning attendees gathered in the Main Sports Hall for the launch of the Centenary celebrations, with a presentation by many that are involved in the events of the coming year. Hosted by William Williamson, we heard more about the Centenary Ball, plans in Europe, North America and Australasia, Book 53 and Spring Flings amongst others. You can view the presentation slides here – 

After the presentation dancers could attend a class, led by Alisdair Brown, accompanied by musician Bill Ewan.



At 2pm, Chairman Lorna Ogilvie, Chair-Elect William Williamson and Treasurer Lizzy Conder made their way into the Main Sports Hall, led by a piper to lead the 93rd RSCDS AGM. The AGM provided a summary of the Society’s activities over the previous year and you can watch the full recording on our You Tube channel



Treasurer Lizzy Conder presented a report on the Society’s financial situation. More details of the accounts can be found in the Trustees Report and a condensed view of annual activities is available in the RSCDS Activities and Annual Summary document 

The following motions were brought to the meeting:

Membership subscription - “The Management Board proposes that for the year from 1st July 2023, the basic full annual subscription shall be increased to £26 per annum, with other membership subscriptions based pro-rata on this amount.”                               

The above motion passed with the following votes: FOR - 212; AGAINST - 52; ABSTAIN - 0

Amendments to the wording of RSCDS Rules & Procedures - “The Management Board proposes an update to the sections covering Management Committee Remits and the clarification of 16.1a.”

The above motion passed with the following votes: FOR - 209; AGAINST - 40; ABSTAIN - 14                             

Updates to the Articles of Association and Rules & Procedures regarding Junior membership -

“The RSCDS Herts & Borders Branch proposes the introduction from 1 July 2023 of non-subscribing junior membership for children under the age of 12. It would be free for children under the age of 12 to become a non-subscribing junior member.”

The above motion passed with the following votes: FOR - 242; AGAINST - 15; ABSTAIN – 4



Lorna Ogilvie officially handed over the role of Chair to William Williamson, who will Chair the Society for the next two years.

Elections were not required for the Management Board positions and Stephen Hartley and Fiona Miller became Trustees for a three-year term. 

After delegates cast their votes online, the following candidates were elected to Education and Training and Youth Services committees:

Education and Training Committee - Amy Drysdale, David Hall and Graham Donald join E&T Committee for a term of three years. Eilidh Garden joins for a term of two years.

Youth Services Committee - Shona MacFadyen and Sarah Oswald join YSC for a term of three years, Zoe Hill for a term of two years and Erica de Gannes for a term of one year.

Elections were not required for the Membership Services Committee with Jeremy Hill joining the committee for three years.




During the AGM, we were delighted to confirm the recipients of the 2022 Scroll of Honour

June Dey Windsor nominated by (Ontario) Branch

Fred Moyes nominated by Kitchener-Waterloo Branch

Keith Rose nominated by Milton Keynes Branch

Maureen Rutherford nominated by Membership Services Committee

Anne Taylor nominated by Banffshire Branch

June Dey and Fred Moyes were presented with their awards by their local Branches; Lorna Ogilvie presented Keith Rose, Maureen Rutherford and Anne Taylor with their scrolls at the AGM. Congratulations to all recipients.


A wine reception was held from 7pm on Saturday evening prior to the Ball getting underway.  The programme was devised by Leeds Branch and music provided by Susan MacFadyen and her Scottish Dance Band with dances including EH3 7AF, Torridon Lassies, Autumn in Appin and The Reel of the Royal Scots.  Over 330 dancers attended the Ball and it was great to see such a joyful atmosphere on the dancefloor.


Sunday morning saw a talk led by Angela Young, Convenor of Membership Services, on Dances Through the Decades.  A very informative talk, Angela led those present through the dances chosen for the project, with musical accompaniment from Graham Berry and Gordon Shand.  Branches will be able to participate in 24 hours dancing around the world on 30th September 2023. The Dances Through the Decades CD will be available to pre-order soon. 

The final event of the weekend was a dance class led by Kate Gentles with music by Susan MacFadyen.

We would like to thank all the RSCDS members, the Autumn Gathering working group, staff and Kelvin Hall in Glasgow for organising such a brilliant event that was enjoyed by hundreds of dancers, musicians, teachers and delegates. 

We look forward to seeing you next year in Glasgow from 3rd to 5th November 2023.

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